There's a first time for everything (Content is KING)

Although blogs have been around for almost 30 years now and pioneered in my own lifetime, I've never seen the upside to investing the time and effort into launching one of my own. I can't really pinpoint what led me to changing my mind, but here it goes.

I may be late to the party but that doesn't mean it's not worth still going.

The entire objective of this blog is to create quality content. Second, I've always been interested in writing as a creative outlet. Third, I think it's sort of cool.

So it's fitting that my first post pay respect to a genius in his field, William Henry Gates III. Bill Gates wrote an essay in 1996 (incredible right) interestingly named "Content is King". It appears, as with many things in his life, that he was ahead of his time in his remarks.

In his essay, full of many keen insights, one sentence stood out to me: "But the broad opportunities for most companies involve supplying information or entertainment. No company is too small to participate."

Fast forward 25 years and those words ring truer than ever. The principles behind them serve as a precursor to entire multi-billion dollar industries and gurus who now have the tools and platforms to challenge us to "Create 64 Pieces of Content" every single day.

The truth is that creating content can be a real challenge. We will talk about these challenges at length in the future *reaches for accountability*, but as I've learned from my good friend and colleague Philip Looney, the only way to "eat the elephant" is "one bite at a time".

So this is the first bite. I am going to publish this and put it out there. I hope it's interesting and/or educational to some. I hope it helps motivate others.

Thank you for reading.

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